Oculum Dei

Formed in 2016 as a studio project, Tenebris was looking to spread filth with a black metal project and quickly recruited Nadir, Zebulv, and Mictlán to join the fray.

Located in the Bible Belt of the southern USA the goal was to take influences from Emperor, Behemoth and Dark Funeral and push this eclectic unholy blasphemy as far as it would go.

Not content to remain as a studio project, the band started playing live gigs locally and have shared the stage with Carach Angren, Wolfheart and Mors Principum Est.

Clad in corpse paint with an elaborate and continuously evolving stage show, Oculum Dei has heavily invested into their extreme visionary madness.

The name of the band was inspired by the first song that was written by the band, "Blinded by the Gods" and staying true to the genres of both black and death metal, it’s a haunting, aggressive band, in your face and extremely violent.

A team effort behind all the songwriting, Oculum Dei released their first album: "Dreams of Desire and Torment" February 2019.

A special thanks to Amanda McGraw for lending her vocal talents for:
"A Mist of Heaven" which can be heard on the last track.

Oculum Dei is comprised of:

Zebulv - vocals

Tenebris - guitar

Nadir - keys & organs

Mictlán - bass guitar



-Wretched screams of forbidden woe



-Thunderous seductions between the living and the dead



-Fallen priest of unblessed angels



-Ruler of the Underworld